Products I've Built

Over the past 17 years, I've had the privilege of working on software products spanning eleven different industries.

Here are three of my favorite that I've built from the ground up.



Vigil Trends is a cloud-based, video-centric, exception reporting platform that I built for the retail industry while serving as Director of Business Intelligence at 3xLOGIC. It is currently being used at over 4000 retail locations.


TICKETTAKER is a guest compliance system that I built in 2006 for NCAA ticket offices. The system manages guest lists for sports teams at over 60 schools across the country.


Giving Change is an app that allows user to give away their "loose change" by rounding-up their financial transactions to the nearest dollar. Once their change jar is full, they are able to donate it to their favorite charities.



2012 Ball State University               MBA

2001 Indiana Wesleyan University   B.S. Computer Information Systems


Tech Skills

  • Microsoft Azure
  • C# .Net
  • SQL Server
  • Angular
  • WPF

Specializing In

  • Big Data Processing and ETL
  • Data Visualization
  • Cloud Architecture and Design
  • Rapid Prototyping

My Philosophy


I believe in solving problems with the simplest approach possible.  Fancy and complex tools can be fun but if a problem can be solved without them, then that's the way it should be done.  I believe that an intuitive, unified, pleasant user experience is, at least, just as important as the technical design of any software.  I am truly delighted any time I can help a customer see their data in new ways using custom data visualizations and business intelligence. I believe that software should be built in an affordable manner; scaling up a solution should only be done when necessary and appropriate.