Hi, I’m Dan Zoeller

My passion and focus is cloud development. I have spent the past five years of my nineteen year career helping companies build scalable solutions in Microsoft Azure. I have worked on some massive Azure projects (some 7000+ retail locations depend everyday on Vigil Trends which I pioneered) and I’ve worked on some small projects where cost-cutting and agility were the goal. I can honestly say - I love ALL of the Azure projects I’ve worked on!

What Can I Do For You?

Admittedly, there are many things that I am not very good at; like dancing, baking or writing legibly, just to name a few. But when it comes to technology and software development there are several areas that I really shine! Particularly, I have a knack for working with big data, visualizing data, designing dashboards, and creating rapid prototypes. These are the areas I’ve devoted myself to study and to continually improve in; and they are also the areas that I can be of the best use to you!


Tech Skills


Microsoft Azure


C# / .NET


SQL Server


What Have I Done Lately

  • Used Azure Cosmos DB, Function Apps and Service Bus to create a system health dashboard for a video management product

  • Used Azure Streaming Analytics, Event Hub, and SignalR to create a real-time Point Of Sale notification system

  • Integrated data from an HR system, a cash safe system, and a Point of Sale system to create a custom store safe-count dashboard using Azure Function Apps and Cosmos DB

  • Created an employee risk dashboard using Azure Machine Learning and Function Apps


My Philosophy


I believe in solving problems with the simplest approach possible.  Fancy and complex tools can be fun but if a problem can be solved without them, then that's the way it should be done.  I believe that an intuitive, unified, pleasant user experience is, at least, just as important as the technical design of any software.  I am truly delighted any time I can help a customer see their data in new ways using custom data visualizations and business intelligence. I believe that software should be built in an affordable manner; scaling up a solution should only be done when necessary and appropriate.




Ball State University // 2012



Indiana Wesleyan University // 2001

B.S. - Computer Information Systems